North Amurrican Blog Update I

North Amurrican Blog Update I

DEAFWISH - North Amurican Blog Update 1

We have a new found deadication to makin’ sure that you have new music to listen to….


We’ve decided to scour the blog-o-ver$e for bandz to put in yer ipod speakers; Chek it:


R man over at the Venom Blog has flagged this Caribou RMX as worth a listen. Don’t get it twisted with the Geto Boys; It sounds like a Jamie Woon faucet drip in 4/4 time.

Get Hip.

Junior Boys – You’ll Improve Me (Caribou Remix) by DominoRecordCo

Durrrty South

Need some of that down south bass? Ludacris has decided to get over his grown up feelings & get gangstr again with this FREE mixtaype. Both Employee & I gave it a listen; it’s worth it. Here’s 1 for ya:

Download the full Luda mixtape here

You can buy that.


Feel like somethin’ a bit strange? The team over at APESHIT just reviewed Tokyo’s BORIS.

On first listen it struk R ears to be classified somethin’ stupid like NOIZE WAVE; either way… give it a listen. U might like it (?)

We$t Coast

SF pub The Bay Bridged dropped this post about a VHS only vid made by 90s style indie pplz High Castle.

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