REVIEW: The Big 4 :: New York City :: 2011

REVIEW: The Big 4 :: New York City :: 2011

REVIEW :: Big 4 Concert :: Yankee Stadium - New York City :: 2011

Childhood dreams were set to come true when I found out I was going to be in New York for the Big 4 show. Odds are against Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer & Metallica playing one big show up on the Northcoast; my inner 14 year old demanded to go.

I was late catching a train from Manhatten, so I bought a sketchy TicketFast ticket off the first scalper I saw. I managed to talk him down to 90$ & got his cell number so I could harass him if it didn’t work. ProStylez!

Got to my spot not too long after Anthrax hit the stage; they were pounding out Madhouse as far as my earz remember…
Anthrax - Big 4 - Yankee Stadium 2011

.You’ll have to tru$t me that they’re in this pic.

After a quick changeover & and a Budweiser (ehk) break; Dave Mustaine et el hit the stage. At first I thought the sound guy was sh!ttin’ the bed; but after ~3 songs Dave announced he needed throat surgery and shouldn’t be on stage.

hmmm…. Well, gotta pay them bill$.

If you’d like to hear a blown out voice version of the new single; I took the liberty of posting one here. << With that !SLAYER took 2 (& destroyed) the stage. I could bore you with another upper-deck shot of Yankee Stadium; or just show this guy…


The bro beside me was gettin’ pissed that’ the Ultimate Fan was belting out Allllll…. the words; I told him to shut it. He made us all look like pu$$iez*!

Then Metallica played. It looked & sounded like every MetallicA festival show you’ve ever seen on DVD. They did play Blackened (which was a surpirse) but over all this comment on Brooklyn Vegan summed up their set.

Rating By 14 Y/O Me: 11/10
Rating By Current Me: 6.5/10 – left during Nothing Else Matters to beat the Subway traffic.


Were you there? What did you think? Hit tha commentz…

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