Thursday Bla$tBak :: The Quiffs

Thursday Bla$tBak :: The Quiffs

it seems like good bands & venues are constantly croppin’ up & dying on the NORTHCOAST.
This series of posts is a big ‘wha up\’ to those bandz & places…

thursday Blastbak - Winnipegs the QUIFFS - NORTHCOAST

:who: The Quiffs

:what: urethra rippin’ ; all woman punk machine

:where: Winnipeg * NORTHCOAST

:when: 2005 – 2008[ish]

:why: why tha f*ck not?

R 2 Cent$
If ever “not a single fuck was given” it is these chixxx. They stepped to any stage loud, proud & ready to rip dycks off.





Yeah; the sound on that clip could be better, but the live show was where these ladiez thrived. Get the studio recordings on their abandoned myspace.

Like what y’all hear?!!;?

These ladies whent on to form bands called kewl names like the Gorgon, Poseidon’s Daughters & THE bLOWHOLES, but their mark was already set. 4eva one of Winnipeg’s most cherished punk pplz.

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