!Listen >> Black Table >> New Jersey Black Metal

!Listen >> Black Table >> New Jersey Black Metal

Black Table Band - New Jersey Metal

::Name >> Black Table
::File Under >> New Age Blackend Metal

Since we didn’t have the opportunity to hear Black Table live, we contracted DEAFWISH metal expert and legal adviser Mr. Cake to answer a few questions about the submitted track.

What images does it conjure up in your head?
Rich kids trying to be “deep” sounding and misunderstood/kvlt…you know what I mean?

Did their mom’s hug them too much or not enough?
I think they all were getting enough hugs from mom, but it is obvious to me that daddy wasn’t in the picture at all…

If we could make this band play live anywhere on the planet, where should it be?

There’s a community hall like 10 miles south of Brandon in the middle of no where the Rose Land I do believe its by a site of a burned down torn down church. This place would be perfect for these kids…

Bottom Line: Barren church sounds from loved kidz who love Black Metal. Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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