NEW $H!~ >> Up’n’Atom Join the DEAFWISH Team

NEW $H!~ >> Up’n’Atom Join the DEAFWISH Team

Up n Atom - Now on DEAFWISH

Have you attained Wizard Status? Northcoast melodic punkerz Up’n’Atom know that stack. Four rad-tazztic dudes dedicated to the highest form of powerchord mayhem: PUNK RAWK (!)

Formed in Winnipeg’s gritty core, these guys bring history from bands like Blackjacket, Kill Katie, Peligro and High Five Drive.

We’re “Tony Hawk doin’ a keg stand” stoked to announce that these guys will be releasing their premiere 7 inch record on DEAFWISH. Get your pantiez in a knot and your ear drumz ringin’ with these hawt tracks…

You’re a lot prettier when you don’t talk

Robot will rule the Universe

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