End of an Era: RIP Royal Albert Arms – Winnipeg Loses a Legend

End of an Era: RIP Royal Albert Arms – Winnipeg Loses a Legend

Royal Albert Arms Winnipeg - Closed - DEAFWISH

As you may or may not remember, the Royal Albert Arms is a Winnipeg hallmark of live music that fell into a tailspin of bull$hit, drama and shitty shows. It all started when an internet millionaire named Daren Jorgeson bought the building, tried to rename it ‘RAAH’ and promised a swanky fetish hotel in the vein of Toronto’s Gladstone or Drake Hotel(s).

Winnipeg has always struggled to convince itself that it is a ‘world class city’; but when a cowboy ridin’ high on the grey area gold rush promised to turn our favorite venue into something worthy of the big time, people were a bit skeptical. (also the obsession with there being a fetish dungeon was an insight into where $$ takes u)

Throughout the flood, the sick-a$z clean-up, divorce drama and the constant rumors, long time bartender / party chief -> Q! Towns <- kept optimistic and reassured everyone that it was going to be o/k. He was the heart of the venue and he was in it to win it. Everyone in the local day-to-day knows, Q put his all into bringin' the place back to life. Unfortunately, as time went on and things got desperate the final product looked more and more like a Frankenstein then a favorite venue. When the relaunch day came there was a clash between those who had an emotional investment in the Royal Albert, and those who had a monetary investment in the building. This caused some cognitive dissonance in the vision of the place as an indie music spot.

Vince Neil at the Royal Albert Arms Hotel - Winnipeg

Then, the new partner blew’ a gasket over a grilled bun and the music scene decided to stay clear of the bar stools. It became apparent that hotel / venue ownership is a lot harder than the legal & illegal drug game.

No combination of diversion tactics or old school sensationalism could save the dying scene. After being shut out of work with minimal pay, Q couldn’t kick the horse any longer & turned in his keys.

Royal Albert Arms Head Bartender calls it quits - DEAFWISH

Looks like the ‘I told you so‘ folks get their day after all.

So here’s to the Royal Albert that was. Big shout out to Q for displaying a level of loyalty that is incredibly hard to find in people these days, you have the full support of myself & every musician I know if you decide to open yer own place.

– Rock (@yocvo)

Executive Take Away
– Success in one field does not guarantee similar results another.
– Never turn your back on a guy with a chainsaw.

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