L!STEN: BA JOHNSTON – Mission Accomplished

L!STEN: BA JOHNSTON – Mission Accomplished

B.A. Johnston - Mission Accomplished

Hamilton party showman B.A. Johnston has recovered from his interview with drunk unkle Andy; putting his awkard feelings aside and finishing his new album Mission Accomplished.

This record has more moments with a country touch and some minutes of punk rawk lightfoot magic. The backup instrumentation, sound effects and singers fill out songs that are often only good with BA providin’ his signature brand of $elf Deprecation.

B.A. provides insight into how wonderful Wafflehouse will be should he be lucky enough to go to heaven and tackles Canadian world problems like Tim Hortons & GST checks. He also delves into the shitty business of a$$hole roommates who steal your toilet paper and hiding Lab 50’s at a house parties. He also laments days of getting shorted on weed purchases.

We were going to download the record and post it hear illegally, but out of respekt for B.A. we’ll just encourage you to drop by Exclaim to hear the advance stream. Mission accomplished will be available September 3rd on Mammoth Cave Records.

Did you listen to record? Tell us what you thought in the comments or skream it out @deafwish.

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