Free Crack 2 – Lil Bibby # listen #rap #mixtape

Free Crack 2 – Lil Bibby # listen #rap #mixtape

Railing against the mantra that ‘the first one is free’ and ridin’ the wave of good reviews and blog love, Chicago rapper Lil Bibby brings it all back out for the follow up – Free Crack 2. This tape is another solid performance featuring guest spots from big boys like Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa and T.I..

Don’t let the skit / opening track deter you – just skip it. Once the beats and rap starts to happen Lil Bibby is on his game. There probably isn’t any ‘real lyrics’ on this b*tch but who wants to try and process that type of word play on a Saturday afternoon anyway. Personal favorites are ‘Dead or in Prison’ and ‘Boy’.

I gotta feed the fam, I came up with a plan, I need some extra hands to help me move these extra grams.


Summary: Not out to reinvent the wheel; Lil Bibby slangs some product complete with some decent features.

User Rating: 98% (1 votes).

Free Crack 2 – Lil Bibby # listen #rap #mixtape 4.5 5 2

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