#LISTEN – Black Honey – Sleep Forever >> @blackHoneyUK

#LISTEN – Black Honey – Sleep Forever >> @blackHoneyUK

This isn’t my typical jam, but when I heard it I figured I would share the secret before you hear it on an MTV commercial with pregnant teens crying over it.

Translation: I could see this one catching on.

The band is Black Honey – hailing from the land of Royal Scandals – the track is called Sleep Forever. Inspired by the blasé approach of chart shottah Lana del Ray the song pushes though with echo’s of a Mazzy Starr.

Music guy bullshittin’ aside, the first time I heard the catholic Courtney Love hook I imagined music placement producers suggesting this one for the emotional swell of a vampire drama or reality tear jerker.

Whaddya think?

These demos come courtesy of Duly Noted Records. If you like what you hear, follow Black Honey on Twitter. If you love it, hate it or have something better post it in the comments below.


Summary: Black Honey turn in a solid second demo. Spacey sounds and a solid hook to drift off to.

User Rating: 66% (2 votes).

#LISTEN – Black Honey – Sleep Forever >> @blackHoneyUK 3.5 5 3

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