“Balm Out” – The West Coast Dance Trend of 2015

“Balm Out” – The West Coast Dance Trend of 2015

The west coast has spawned a wide variety of dances over the years. From the The West Coast Swing to the C Walk, SoCal has always been a hot bed of rump rattling culture.

2015 brings on a new style, ushered in by a maverick ex-Microsoft CEO and we’ve dubbed it the “Balm Out”. Take a look….

This dance craze requires a wild lack of control and the wreckless abandon that only a 58 year old Billionaire can muster. It’s like a gift from the 1% to the rest of us. Expect to see accidental face punches on the country club dance floors this weekend as everyone Balm’z Out.

How to do the Balm Out Dance

  1. Put on a Fergie Track
  2. Start with large, circular claps. The more out of time the better.
  3. Now for the tricky part. Make a wave like motion down your arm, then punch into the palm of your hand.
  4. Blast your arms outward like a wacky, wavvy inflatble man.

Rinse and repeat. The rinsing part is especially hard, because once you’ve seen someone Balm Out your mind will be forever changed. Use this new found power wisely.

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