Rrroooaaarrr Festival 2015 – Saturday August 1 #montreal

Rrroooaaarrr Festival 2015 – Saturday August 1 #montreal

Saturday at Montreal’s Rrroooaaarrr Festival 2015 is going to be crazy one. It all kicks off with an afternoon matinee at the Katakombes featuring BBQ, refreshments and Montreal’s Parasytes and Toronto’s ABSOLUT.

Closing out the afternoon warm up is Austin’s Severed Head of State, which should put you in the mood for a full evening of punk, hardcore and metal mayhem.

The music will pick back up at Casa Del Popolo at 8 PM with local acts Torment and Torontonian’s Gaucho.

From there, ‘murrican’s the Narcoleptics will rip it up with their d-beatnick noises and buzzsaw guitar style.

They’ll be followed up the ear splitting sounds of Mocoso.

Zoloa and texas peoples Glue will burn the room down to end the evening there.


Over at La Sala Rossa

A whole other schwackload of loud, guitar driven mayhem will be unfolding.

This one kicks it with Montreal favorites, Ursula

Exit Order will be up next, bringing in some Massachusetts mayhem…

Followed by their neighbors to the north west Farang – doing that oldschool hardcore thang.

From there, Boston’s Green Beret are going to swing through and get the arms swinging at the floor.

The d-beat will come back into play when S.H.I.T. gets the stage all shitty….

Then the night will close out with an old school punk vibe from Austin’s – Institute

If you still haven’t had your fill of distortion pedal sounds, you can head to the afterparty at LOUDHOUSE with locals Omegas and some yet to be named acts.

Get more information about the comings and goings of the Rrroooaaarrr Fest at the official site: http://www.rrroooaaarrr.com

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