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Past & Present DEAFWISH Artists
R pplz excel at 3 things; schmoozin’ – boozin’ & music; here’z the NORTHCOAST killa’s; past & present. Click 4 more infoz…

::Kurrent Play3rz::

Rapper / Slacker / Hero = Employee of the Month Chivas Brother - Direkt Salesman MC/DJ Knife !!! Suicide arsoni$t

Employee of the Month

Rapper / Slacker / Hero

Chivas Brother

tha Parkland Prince

MC/DJ Knife

Beats from Hell (tha good h3ll)

DJ Found Dead Greg Rekus Country Killa :: Jimi Maze

DJ Found Dead

Found Dead [on the mic]

Greg Rekus

Stomp Master of the North

Jimi Maze

Folk Hop – ya hurrd


Hall of Fame(rrz)

manlab Sodomizing Sara(h) - electro Slam's forefather Landshark of the Forest


Masterz degree in Rawk

Sodomizing Sara(h)

Electro-Slam Pioneer

Landshark (of the forest)

Gunz & Rozes of Thrash

Konway Twittr :: U aint been dis far b4 Up n Atom

Konway Twittr

You’ve never been di$ far b4


Sk8core come back

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