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Greg Rekus

Greg Rekus works harder than you. If he’s not playing your show he’ll be manning the soundbooth to make sure your event doesn’t sound like shi~…

In the past year Mr. Rekus has stomped his way through bars, clubs, living rooms and back yards across North America & Europe, paving roads and building long time fans.

Greg’s show gorrilla slams punk rock music into outlaw country revival music. Armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and his custom designed stompin’ stage, Mr. Mutha’fuckin’Rekus stretches out stories of booxe, friends, jobs loved and lost and life on the road.

His debut record “The Dude Abides” is comprised of 10 original tracks that reveal emotional, raw songwriting and pure musical energy. The disc was put to tape in a 5 day binge of riffs and take out food with recording ace John Paul Peters. the result is an unrelenting collection of songs that define the NORTHCOAST Kitchen party.

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