$ighted >>LMFAO :: 12152011 : Winnipeg

$ighted >>LMFAO :: 12152011 : Winnipeg

LMFAO Party Rock Winnipeg - DEAFWISH Review

::Name: LMFAO
::File Under:: Pop! American House Music
::Origin:: Los Angeles
::Look: Zebra Neon Disguise
:Sound: Low IQ Pop House

::Midset Schmoke Break::
If possible.


  • !Bass!
  • !Babez!
  • !Beer!


  • “emotinoal” jams
  • 1 drink limit

R 2 cents…
Honestly, it’s easy to h8 on these guys. They’re from rich families & have had every opportunity a hard working band would kill for.

That said, the show wuz entertaining.

Was the music mind blowing? Probably not.
It was american dance. A shat watering down of popular tracks from Europe.


You can f*ckin’ argue with 10 000 smiling faces pumping glowsticks and making memories.

You can die a music snob & I’ll go into tha ground as a fan of this show.

Ticket Price: $45
Worth: $46

Here’s a bootleg recording of 5 of the hits. Without the visual aspect the show leaves something to be de$ired, but f*ck it.

That’s why you pay them money.


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