North Amurrican Blog Update II

North Amurrican Blog Update II

DEAFWISH North Amurrican Blog Update II

We’re gonna keep the music updatez cummin’ at you…

Let’s start it up with a dark ‘Inquisition‘ into black metal…

These guys describe themselves as Drums and Pagan war explosions & we would have to agree. Press play on the track below; then head over to Invisible Oranges to see some photos of their white faces in white make up (!)

Now that your earz have been suffishuntly blasted out with !Black Metal!; it’z time 4 some rap.

Manly rap.

About Hot Dogz.

DEAFWISH emcee Employee of the Month got down at the Level II studio to bless us all with this oh-maj to drunk hotdog buying….

Hot Dogs songs don’t impress ur girl?

the peepz over at StereoGum unvailed this new Islands track “This is not a song”
Oddly enough; we agree. It is a hipster piece of shi~ that is barely listenable (even to slip it in the hottest of ladiez)

But We’re not here to judge, so listen 2 it with a lady & make yer move…


We lost another true Soul Singer




Legend Howard Tate passed away yesterday, leaving us with one less actual talent in this biznuzzzz….

Janis Jopin did a wo-town cover of his hit Get it While you Can that reeked of hippie schmoke but gained some popularity;

ain’t how itz going down…

Here’s Howard belting out his track a few years ago to a crowd a fraction of the size he deserved

keep yer earz tuned up; more next week.

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