3 Questions  ??? TOTALITAR >> Sin Egen Motståndare (1994)

3 Questions ??? TOTALITAR >> Sin Egen Motståndare (1994)

We’re not the only expertz on music; so this week we’ve got Stabmaster J Answering Questions about his recent faygobook post. Listen to the whole TOTALITAR – Sin Egen Motståndare from 1994 below. According to Google, the title translates to “His own Opponents”….

DEAFWISH: To your knowledge, what’s the history of this band?
These guys are an awesome swedish band that has been around since the 80’s I think. Had a very similar style to bands like Discharge and Mob 47. I don’t really know much else about these guys.

DEAFWISH: Where did you find these guys?
I remember reading a review in Maximum rocknroll years ago. The cover reminded me of old Black Flag artwork as well.

DEAFWISH: If I only ever listened to pop music, what would you tell me this sounds like?
If you only listened to pop, I’d say this sounds like Metallica, or a more aggressive Nickleback.


Like what you hear? You can Learn More about TOTALITAR on Wikipedia. Know something about the band or have an opion? Drop it in the comments below.

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