$ighted >> COWPUNCHER :: 03212012 :: Toronto; ON

$ighted >> COWPUNCHER :: 03212012 :: Toronto; ON

COWPUNCHER Calgary At CMW 2012 deafwish

::File Under >> Oil Patch Rock Country
::Origin >> Calgary, AB Canada – NORTHCOAST (!)
::Look >> Calgarian
::Sound >> Gritty Country Rock / Bar Room Yowl

::Midset Schmoke Break::
Unless u can schmoke inside

Chuggin’ $8 Toronto Beers
Rawkin’ Groovez
R.I.P. Cover Songz

$8 Beer

::R 2 Centz::
These guys r a rawkin’ 2 AM party. Groovy rock crossed heartbreak country that will eventually make you black out. We didn’t get a chance to speak with tha boyz directly; but this video sums it up…

& here’s a taste of the performance at Canadian Music Week 2012

CMW 2012 – COWPUNCHER @ the Caddilac Lounge

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