!Listen >> FILTHY ANIMALS “EAR WAX” – Northcoast Stylez

!Listen >> FILTHY ANIMALS “EAR WAX” – Northcoast Stylez

Filthy Animals - Ear Wax - DEAFWISH

As a part of our ongoing effort to show you what’z happenin’ on the NORTHCOAST scene, we got to bring you some Filthy Animals. These guys have been grindin’ the Winnipeg rap scene pretty hard for a few years now and deserve some views from y’all. Their latest video ‘Ear Wax’ features J-RO of THA ALKAHOLIKS and pretty much showz how we all be doin’ up on the Northcoast…;

If you want more filth in yer earbudz check them out on facebook. Otherwise keep on eye on yer local internet for these guys to blaze and bass through your town.


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