LISTEN >> MC/DJ KNIFE – 90’s Pimp Rap Mix Vol 1

LISTEN >> MC/DJ KNIFE – 90’s Pimp Rap Mix Vol 1

MCDJ Knife - 90s Pimp Rap Mix Vol 1

DEAFWISH cutmaster MC/DJ Knife has turned his ear to the 90’s, more specifically the swanky sounds of pimpin’. This laid back mix features hot tracks from Houstan’s Too Much Trouble, Compton’s Suga Free, and 8 Ball & MJG.

After givin’ it listen, we managed to distill out a few business lessons from the tracks. Oddly enough, they’re similar to any industry. They were:

  • Set Sales Targets
  • Keep business out of your home
  • A good business runs on automatic

Outside of the paper game, there is a few little tips to take into your day to day livin’

  • Always look Fresh
  • Communicate with Your Women
  • Always keep it real

Give it a listen and let us know what you learned by dropping us a comment.

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