LIVE >>> Deerhoof – Music Hall of Williamsburg >>> 09172012

LIVE >>> Deerhoof – Music Hall of Williamsburg >>> 09172012

Deerhoof - Brooklyn - Williamsburg Music Hall

::Name >> Deerhoof
::File Under >> Noise Rock
::Origin >> San Francisco, CA – USA
::Spotted >> Music Hall of Williamsburg
::Look >> el Mariachi
::Sound >> Rush meets obtuse k-pop

::Midset Schmoke Break:: We didn’t take one – though we ditched on the second encore. Buke & Gase did an encore, so it may have been done to assert their dominance as the headlining band.

Who tha fukk does an encore when yer opening?

We needed pizza.

Outfits, tones, songs, volume. Pick one. Deerhoof showed up with all of them.

Bit of a slow start. Although the performance was solid, the band didn’t seem to really gel and find energy until halfway through the set.

::R 2 Centz::
Noise nerds will call this a flawless show, but the band def needed to warm up their sound and find their groove. In the end; even the most tight pantz’d hipster was nodding their head and bumping shoulders with the person beside them.

It was hard to tell if drummer Greg Saunier insists on talking awkwardly between songs because of some need for ‘stardom’ or because singer Satomi Matsuzaki isn’t comfortable with small talk. In any case, the noise spoke louder than words and the band won over the crowd & our hearts. This is a unique band with an original sound and if you have any interest in strange hooks, we recommend you check them out.

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