LIVE >> Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry >> Music Hall of Williamsburg – 09232012

LIVE >> Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry >> Music Hall of Williamsburg – 09232012

Lee Scratch Perry - Brooklyn New York

::Name >> Lee “Scratch” Perry
::File Under >> Dub Reggae
::Origin >> Jamaica
::Spotted >> Music Hall of Williamsburg
::Look >> Mirrored Warrior of Peace
::Sound >> Dub (as in the reason its called Dub) ( ! ) Click here to see some history ( ! )

::Midset Schmoke Break::
Nah. Errbody was just smokin’ in the building.

Big dub grooves.

Clueless, spoiled scene kids who didn’t know who they had the privilege of enjoying.

::R 2 Centz::
They guy is 76 years old. He shows up swaggin’ a red suit with a hat & shoes covered in mirrors to protect him and channel good vibes. How can you argue with that?

There were times where it wasn’t clear what he was saying in English, but it didn’t really matter. His actions spoke louder.

He wants people to be peaceful, happy and shakin’ it to chilled out music. The environment he created was charming and impossible to deny. He put on a friendly, entertaining performance that solidified his standing as a legend of music.

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