Photo’z >> GREG REKUS >> Fall Tour 2012

Photo’z >> GREG REKUS >> Fall Tour 2012

Greg Rekus - Pics from the Road

As you should already know, our man Greg Rekus put the rubber to the road this fall, playing shows all the way across Canada’s west coast, down through Amurrica and back up to the middle east of Canada.

Lyndsay Penner from LP Hoopla was kind enough to forward us some photographic evidence or Greg’s journey. If you’d like to read more about their adventures, there is some fun blog posts over on her blog.

Greg Rekus Stompin' on his Fall Tour 2012

Greg Stomps the crap outta a Bar

Greg Rekus in Calgary Alberta - Fall Tour 2012 - DEAFWISH

Greg discoverz ancient fossils in between dates on his tour

Greg Rekus - Vegan Sandwich - Fall Tour 2012 - DEAFWISH

Delish Vegan sandwiches hand picked from the mountainside

Greg Rekus Rocks out on Stage - Fall Tour 2012 - DEAFWISH

Greg unites the cowboys around North America

Greg Rekus with the Rooster - Fall Tour 2012 - DEAFWISH

Greg wrassles roosters on the carnival countryside

Greg is safely back on the Northcoast and working his way back to Winnipeg. He’s scheduled to play the DEAFWISH – End of the World event December 21st at the Rose’n’Bee pub.

If you happened to catch one of Greg’s high energy parties and captured a pic or a video, please hit the contact page and tell us about about your rather Rekus experience.

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