Chief Keef - Finally Rich - Review

DEAFWISH Beat Master MC/DJ Knife sat down and listened to the new Chief Keef Record. Here’s a track by track break down of what you’re in for.

So far, Chief Keef is best known for leaving 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa stranded in the Las Vegas desert at a video shoot. LOL he was probably high as fuck and too tripped out to get on a plane.

1. Love Sosa

Yes, the bitches love Sosa. You’ve already seen the homoerotic video – now listen to the better-than-Youtube quality version. It’s repetitive and hypnotic.

2. Hallelujah

There’s better fuckin songs on here than this one.

3. I Don’t Like

Wow, you’re a dumbass if you haven’t heard this one already. Weird hearing this one mastered properly ’cause the original mixtape version was loud and distorted as fuck. “An Anthem for a Generation”.

4. No Tomorro

Mike Will comes through with a way trippy beat. Way extra points for talking about loving his daughter AND driving intoxicated at 4 in the morning on the hook. Did I mention he’s 17?

5. Hate Being Sober

“Anti-Sober for no reason, We can’t spell sober.” Listen to this one a lot.

6. Kay Kay

Skip this one yo.

7. Laughing To The Bank

This one has to be heard to be believed. That means I like it a lot.

8. Diamonds

Another trippy Young Chop beat. The obese teenager did most of the beats on this shit, so props for Chief Keef calling his buddy for beats… instead of calling tons of name producers. It saves tons of cash too!

9. Ballin

Holy fuck this song’s irritating.

10. Understand Me

Young Jeezy sounds old.

11. 3Hunna

Another remastered old mixtape track! Maybe his best? I swear this beat is…

12. Finally Rich

There some insane bitch ranting on the intro so skip this song fast.

13. Citgo

If you’re familiar with Aphex Twin this song will sound familiar.

14. Kobe

He think that he Kobe. Swish! In the video, he wears his pants below dick level with tighty whities.

15. Got Them Bands

This song sounds fucked. If you’ve listened through the whole album you’re going to have a hard time telling if this is good or not.

In Closing…

I give this album a solid 11 out of 10. Only having to skip 3 or 4 godawful songs on a rap release is a rare privilege.

Got thoughts about Chief Keef or the Finally Rich record? Drop us a line in the comments below.

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