Up ‘n’ Atom at Diezel Room – 08142012

Up ‘n’ Atom at Diezel Room – 08142012

R palm muting party friends Up’n’Atom have retired the van for winter & headed to the jam space to work on their next 7″ record. To help fill the void in your skate souls, we’ve gathered up some video from their most recent Canadian tour.

Here’ the 4 part series of we’ve dubbed a hot night in Oshawa, courtesy of notsoftgames on tha Youtube.

We’d tell you to buy the record, but it is SOLD OUT ( ! ) So go like ‘like’ the team on facebook so you know when the new shi~ drops into the bowl.

As always, you’re welcome profess your love for Up’n’Atom in the comments below.

SHRED ON ( ! )

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