CELEBRATE ( ! ) Jonas Brother Decide to Break Up

CELEBRATE ( ! ) Jonas Brother Decide to Break Up

Jonas Brothers Breaks UP!? OMG

Sooo, tha Jonas Brothers have decided to call it quits. ( ! / ? ) This come$ as devastating news for tweens, stalkers of Disney rock bands and hipster woman with boy crushes. Don’t fear friends, God has not finished imparting his Jonas wrath of Autotune on yer eardrums, this NY Daily article indicates that each of the brothers is working on a solo album. You know what that means…..


This comment on the NY Daily article pretty much sum up the feelings of the vocal masses.

What a HUGE loss to music lovers everywhere. Wow. Just….wow.

RIP BROTHERS JONAS >> This band will stand in time as proof that a group of well off actor kids can team up with corporate media companies and dominate the world. Best of luck dealing with the tough realities of still living with your parents.

Which brother is going to take the Miley Cyrus – Shock’n’Awe – approach to breakin’ his christian swooner history?


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