@KNYFE4LYFE >> DJ Knife – Rap Instrumentals 5

@KNYFE4LYFE >> DJ Knife – Rap Instrumentals 5

DJ Knife - Free Rap Instrumentals 5 - DEAFWISH

While you spent your January trying to lose weight or quit smoking, DEAFWISH beat maestro DJ KNIFE was holed up in his London studio crafting more 808 heavy rap instrumentals. From the kindness of his soul, Knife has released these 11 rap instrumentals for free on DatPiff.

If you & yer crew feel you can handle the bass DJ Knife is putting the place, then rap over them, upload it and let us hear your shi~>. You have no excuse, now.

Like these DJ Knife rap instrumentals? Show him sum luvv on Twitter or in the comments below.

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