L!STEN: “Hearts Expire” – dj knife _ Surgery Simulator RMX

L!STEN: “Hearts Expire” – dj knife _ Surgery Simulator RMX

DJ Knife - Hearts Expire - As the City Rumbles Underneat Remix

DJ Knife continues on his hard grind, bustin’ out beats and getting his bass to the streets where ever possible. His latest move; a trapped out remix for Toronto’s “As the City Rumbles Beneath” for their track Hearts Expire.

As usual, the Knife cutz deep; severing major arteries and goin’ for the juggular. Take a listen….





If yer out of the know and need to watch the original video for a lil’ context. Here it is….

You may or may not recognize the$e kidz from an episode of degrassi yer brother watched a few weeks ago. Take 36 secondz and let us know wha u thought of both tha remiz and the original in the commentz below….


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