WATCH: CLIPWING – What I’m With Isn’t It #popPunk #northcoast

WATCH: CLIPWING – What I’m With Isn’t It #popPunk #northcoast

Clipwing - What I'm With Isn't It

Winnipeg power chord kingz; Clipwing drop their first vi$ual from their split LP / CD with European sound machine Icons Down on Winnipeg’s New Form label. Entitled “What I’m with Isn’t it” this str8 ahead sing-along jam followz a sk8 kid as he chases the girl next door.





If that video didn’t make sense to u; yer probably a little den$e. Also, it’s part 1 of a 3 part story arc that we can only hope ends with a dubble penetration scene (or a beautiful stage kiss). Either way, these doodz are doing rock’n’roll right. They’re currently letting Europe know what’z up and will be returning to tha #NORTHCOAST for a few welcome home dates in November.

Are you lucky enough to be in one of these fab towns???

Nov – 01 Thunder Bay, ON – Black Pirates Pub
Nov – 02 Kenora, ON – Rideout Community Center
Nov – 16 Winnipeg, MB – The Newform Show (probably at the Windsor or Union sound Hall)

Go Check it out.

If yer too lazy to go to the show, show some luvv in the comments & we’ll screenshot it and MMS it to the swingin’ single bass player.

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