A Catburglar for a New Generation – @dawgmanistan reviews YG – My Krazy Life

A Catburglar for a New Generation – @dawgmanistan reviews YG – My Krazy Life

@dawgmanistan Reviews - YG - My Krazy Life

Straight from the land where shwarma trucks reign supreme, this week’s review comes courtesy of a humble request from DEAFWISH beatmaster extrodinaire DJ KNIFE to review the debut release “My Krazy Life” from Compton’s favourite catburglar-for-a-new-generation, YG.

Don’ confuse this rap superstar with Korea’s YG Family Orchestra, who look tragically like a gothic hipster Brady Bunch. This erstwhile effort from Keenan Daqwon Ray Jackson packs a serious punch… even for a schmuck who ceremoniously renamed his hometown “Bompton” for reasons I have a hard time figuring out.

“I changed the C to a B because it’s where I’m from and it’s also bringing something new. It’s drawing more attention, you feel me? And it’s, like, I’m not doing it to draw attention. I’m doing it because that’s really what I say and that’s really where I’m from. I’m from Bompton…You gonna feel like you’re from Bompton too when you’re done listening to the album.”


I don’t feel you, Keenan.

You’re a rapper.

We know you’re trying to draw attention to yourself but you still want to come off as “humble”. And I would never want to be from a city called “Bompton”. I would rather call Pussy Creek, Ohio home.

It’s been suggested that this lively debut record is “…a work of brutalized genius”.

I wouldn’t reach that far. However, this 14 track cut does feature:

  • More skits than a week long SCTV marathon
  • Liberal usage of a word that apparently annoys Stan’s dad
  • Plenty of head-bopping, beer-spilling, upskirt-shot-taking club bangers

Now, for a man who ONLY spent 3 months in jail, he sure likes to rap about it.


That’s like cumming before the hooker even gets your pants off and bragging to your friends about it the next morning. It’s not even enough time to get acquainted with the man who will call you his “Bitch” for the rest of your natural life. YG is best left to his natural devices on jams like “I Just Want to Party” which resonate with the common caucasian man “Jus wanna party. I don’t wanna hurt nobody.”


I’ll be the first to admit I have trouble understanding modern ebonics but tracks like “Bicken Back Being Bool” left me utterly confused and befuddled as to the message I was supposed to be “receiving”.

“Left and Right” could have been an allegory in the eternal struggle of deciding between Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and Popeye’s – We may never know.

What I do know is this:

  • Meet the Flockers” is not a Ben Stiller/Robert De Niro diss track – It’s about his catburglaring past
  • Do It To Ya” has some of the most unintentionally laughable lyrics on the record. See Below

“No one beat the pussy up like me. Gonna lay you on your back. Bam bam bam beat it up like that. Imma do it to you if you let me.”

YG, you dog. I guess that how they roll in your posse, the Tree Top Piru Bloods, which sounds like a product of a random gang name generator.

Frankly though, I don’t listen to shit like this to entertain advanced lyrical notions. I listen to shit like this because it sounds awesome when you’re high. YG accomplishes just that with this initial performance and appears to be a budding superstar you’ll be hearing from in the years to come.

Trill nagger.

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