Fistula – Vermin Prolificus #sludge #metal #listen

Fistula – Vermin Prolificus #sludge #metal #listen

I first heard Fistula when someone played me their Loser LP earlier this year. This latest record, available on vinyl only, just came out on To Live a Lie Records and it is just as good or better. I picked it up on clear purple vinyl and it arrived the other day. It has seen quite a few spins since because it hits all the marks for me – cool samples, sludge & blasting hardcore.

These guys hail from the Cleveland, Ohio and I think you can hear the resemblance to other hardcore from the area like Ringworm. It’s raw, in your face and at times impossibly heavy.

Like I said, this one is only available on vinyl so if you want to hear it you’re going to have to buy the wax. It’s available in the To Live a Lie store on purple and black vinyl.

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