Gold Sale! Trinidad James Dropped from Def Jam #RAP #NEWS

Gold Sale! Trinidad James Dropped from Def Jam #RAP #NEWS

After making a massive hit off a stolen beat, signing a 2 million dollar contract and failing to put out another song anyone gave a shi~ about, Nicholas Williams (aka Trinidad James) has been dropped from Def Jam.

Check the tweeeetz:

Uh oh! Looks like it’s time to call the local cash for gold ‘cuz i doubt that 2 million deal was for cash, not an album advance. For those of you who don’t follow rap closely, Trinidad was named one of the hottest new rappers of 2013 by XXL magazine where he stated how much he wanted to take this wave of fame into an Adele collaboration.

I really want to work with Adele. That’s who I really want to work with, personally. And for everybody else, it’s if it happens. For me, I just want to work with Adele. That’s all it is, period. Everybody else, if it happens it happens. This industry is weird, but if I had to put my foot down, like, ‘what do you want, Trinidad?’ I want to work with Adele.

He also showed his promise (or lack there of) with this freestyle:

It isn’t as though he hasn’t been working since his star began to rise. Trinidad dropped the 10 Piece Mild tape last year and while the reviews were decent, none of the tracks really caught on.

This probably won’t be the last we hear of Trinidad James. It might even help his career. People were hating on him for how quickly he rose to prominence, maybe the underdog status will help him focus. Plus, he’s got some industry connections – except the ones in NYC he might have blown – and over 300k followers on twitter to try and get to buy his stuff.

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