#LISTEN – The Great Sabatini – Dog Years #montreal #metal

#LISTEN – The Great Sabatini – Dog Years #montreal #metal

Montreal metal magicians The Great Sabatini are back with a new portion of distortion for your speakers.

The bands bio says they draw their influences from doom metal, 70’s rock and grindcore – making for an interesting mash-up of styles and sounds. “Ditch Diggers Unlimited”, for instance, finds inspiration in the angular dissonance of bands like the end without getting overwhelming on the riffage.

Meanwhile tracks like “Munera” follow a slightly different script while still swapping through sub-genres of metal smoothly.

If you’re liking what you hear, the new record is available on vinyl through the French label Solar Flare Records. For those of you living in the almost digital age – you can pick up the CD from Winnipeg’s No List records. There are no tour dates currently planned, but keep your ears open for word of a Canadian / European tour in the near future.

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