Panopticon – Roads to the North – #blackmetal #listen

Panopticon – Roads to the North – #blackmetal #listen

If you like metal that veers between sound scape desolation and punishing forward blasts, we’ve got a record recommendation for you. It’s the latest from Louisville Kentucky’s Panopticon. This release is called Roads to the North and was recorded in a remote location in Minnesota.

The project is the brainchild of A. Lunn, who handles most of the instrumental duties; which upon listening is quite impressive. This release is the follow up to the much loved 2012 record – Kentucky. Many of the metal heads online seemed unsure if Panopticon could replicate the magic of their original release but the reviews on the official Bandcamp are strong.

Great Black Metal Album with lots of folk parts and a mighty wall of sound. Love it! – suckerpunch72

This is the distilled essence of walking through a snowy forest. Beautiful, evocative, and grandiose. – Simon Handmaker

Sonically, the Roads to the North follows the previous record in that it intersperses folk instrumentation such as banjo, dobro, flute, and fiddle to provide contrast to the grinding onslaught. After an initial listen, it’s clear that this is strong return for the Panopticon project.

Listen to the entire Roads to the North record below…


Summary: Kentucky folk / metal from Panopticon proves that there is more desolate blasts ready for the fans.

User Rating: 91% (1 votes).

Panopticon – Roads to the North – #blackmetal #listen 4.5 5 2

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