SWAGWAR – I Rig feat. DJ Found Dead #listen

SWAGWAR – I Rig feat. DJ Found Dead #listen

DEAFWISH rig rapper, $WAGWAR took an afternoon on his last days off to go in on a custom track produced by Knife Beats. I Rig comes through as 32 bars of statements on the good life that hard work and rig checks can provide a rapper. Learn more about havin’ long money to buy pretty thongs for your honey by pressing play on the the track below. DJ Found Dead drops by at the end to help ensure that the point comes through…

These tracks come in as Swaggy works on his sophomore release, temporarily titled “Dispatch from the Patch”. We happen to have our hands on a few exclusive shots from the session. Such as this one of $waggy thumbing through his iPhone for the hottest lines…

Swagwar spittin' some rhymes

And Knife Beats tweaking the track as the lyrics come in…

Knife Beats working on the track

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