“The Hottest Show I’ve Ever Been To” – Danny Brown – Union Sound Hall #winnipeg

“The Hottest Show I’ve Ever Been To” – Danny Brown – Union Sound Hall #winnipeg

Who: Danny Brown
Where: Union Sound Hall, 110 Market Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

First of all, I’m a huge Danny Brown Fan so I was excited to check out his show at Union Sound Hall. If you’ve never been there, it is an awesome venue in the Exchange District of Winnipeg that used to be some dirty old warehouse. A local crew bought the place, did a shit ton of reno`s, mounted a giant horse head on the wall, threw some bling around it`s neck and VOILA!

Party Time.

Hipsters love Danny Brown. Unlike other rap shows I have seen the girl to guy ratio was actually pretty decent. There were a lot of blammered young women there wearing crop tops and high rise shorts that showed off their ass cheeks. And, despite there being very little breathing room – 2 skinny white girls managed to find enough room to twerk.

Yes, it was pretty damn close to those horribly embarrassing videos on Youtube

The opening act was What So Not. They literally got the floor boards bouncing. One girl liked it so much security pulled her outta there for being too fucking wasted. A thank you goes out to the security guards for bringing her a bottle of water to swing around and pour all over the rest of us. Which in this case was actually wonderful because it was a fucking sauna in there.

This was by far the hottest fucking show I have ever been to. I’ve been there a couple times before but this was certainly the first time I’d seen the place so packed full of people. We were all just soaked in sweat, beer and whatever else kind of liquids were being thrown around. Even the fucking pipes on the ceiling were dripping with moisture.


Finally, Danny Brown appeared!

Because I am kinda short, I spent the majority of the show on my tip toes getting smacked in the face by some tall dude`s back sweat. I could really only see Danny’s head and that trademark hole where a tooth used to be. The crowd was so into it. He ended every song by stick out his tongue, throwing his arm up in the air and nodding his head as all the young hipster stoners screaming back at him.

He fucking killed it! It was nothing less than a fucking awesome show.

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