Self proclaimed “Ms. Houstan”s agent / manager / something hit us up on Twitter with this new video out of Houstan for Troublesum – We Made it.

This lady brings some Nicki Manaj style attitude to a ‘meh’ (at best) beat. Overall, she’s showing promise and poise while working with what’s available. Judging by her view count (under 600) and the fact that her facebook page hasn’t been updated in a couple years we’d say that Troublesum has actually had some trouble keeping things moving. That said, the right team could probably make this one a star.

Watch the ‘We Made It” video and decide for yourself.

Being broke ain’t cute.

If you didn’t make it through the whole song, there is a new mixtape on the way. Hopefully they can score some beats not off an iPhone app or garage band, as it would be cool to see what Troublesum could really do with beats that slam. Our score is below – feel free to put in your take or talk shi~ in the comments below.

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