Aalon$e – Private Tape EP #russia #vaporwave #beats

Aalon$e – Private Tape EP #russia #vaporwave #beats

Keeping up with our exploration of Russian music, we’ve got the new EP from vapor wave / hip hop producerAalon$e. Released on a Taiwan based(?) label – Mhz – the tracks are free for download or available on a high bias cassette tape.

The official description of the EP reads:

The Russian-based Vaporhop veteran brought to you the grimmey and truly chill and mellow sensation. Paying homage to 80’s VHS and blending with lofi vague style, Aalon$e presented a small EP that including 9 bangers which could make you turn on your old school boombox and blast it at all times! it also provided this album a solid and nostalgic journey of retro high school wise manga characteristic.

Listen to Aalon?$e – Private Tape EP

If you like what you hear and want the tape copy, you can get more information on the MHZ Twitter or by dropping by the official facebook page.

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