Antti Ohenoja – Xylophone Shredder #watch

Antti Ohenoja – Xylophone Shredder #watch

The xylophone isn’t really an instrument that most people aspire to play. It’s usually remembered as the colorful, Fisher Price toy you smacked around as a baby, or that thing you learned Hot Cross Buns on during grade school.

However, some people commit to the mallets and end up making music that requires the skills to play crazy fast. This is a clip of Finnish percussionist Antti Ohenoja playing xylophone on the track “Girlfriends Medley”.

The song starts out sounding like a jaunty little stroll by the river, but we recommend you hang in there until around 0:56 when he first unleashes the shred.

Antti makes it look so easy you might find yourself saying “I could do that”.

You could.

You COULD do that.

But be honest with yourself – you’re too damn lazy.

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