But What are they Dancing to in Romania? #watch

But What are they Dancing to in Romania? #watch

Did you know that Romania is a unitary semi-presidential republic located in southeastern-central Europe? It is also one of the world capitols of web cam girls and boasts a population that is 3% gypsy.

That gypsy heritage was ripe in the air when they produced this wunderkind of a dance track / youtube video….

It’s all here. Loosely choreographed dance sequences, old men staring and cable access level background work. While I initially laughed off the song, it got stuck in my head, leading me to watch the video 3 more times – analyzing a different background character each time.

The fact that this has existed in the world for almost 2 years and is only now brightening my day gives me how that there are other dance songs by old men that will brighten my future days.

What did you think?


Summary: An earworm dance track directly from Romania with love.

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