Chain Gang Grave – Bury Them and Keep Quiet #nyc #hardcore

Chain Gang Grave – Bury Them and Keep Quiet #nyc #hardcore

Following up their sold out 2014 debut – When Your Friends Become Cops, New York hardcore band Chain Gang Grave are back with their new release Bury Them And Keep Them Quiet.

This self released , 6 song blast, is high volume mix of hardcore, metal & thrash. Recommended for harmless fun like chainsawing through a couch or ghost riding your dads bike down the biggest hill in town it is in your best interest to press play and blow your ear drums out RIGHT NOW.

If you’d prefer some geeked out cheese dyck description of the music instead of listening – here’s a quote from the Sterogum review.

Chain Gang Grave have absorbed ideas from extreme metal as well as from the DIY noise and punk realms. You can mostly hear this influence in guitarist Andrew Lanza’s mighty riffing, which heaves and lurches with an unpredictable dissonance that recalls certain strains of death metal as much as any “rock” mutation.

Interested in what the teams looks & sounds like live? Check this clip – filmed at Brooklyn go-to St Vitus:

More about Chain Gang Grave:
On Brooklyn Vegan


Summary: Chain Gang Grave throw down some hard riffs for you to throw down to.

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