DJ Found Dead – Merle ShhWAGErrd #mixtape

DJ Found Dead – Merle ShhWAGErrd #mixtape

DJ Found Dead keeps the rap rolling, returning with an 8 song release – Merle ShhWAGERrd. Produced by long time collaborator Knife beats, this collection of tracks shifts between slow trap swagger and piano infused pieces.

“The goal was to not over think it” said Found Dead. “We lifted lines and hooks we thought people would know and have fun singing along to while keeping the basslines as big as possible.”

Merle ShhWAGERrd is full of pop culture references, everything from 90s TV show Family Matters to last weeks news of the Calgary Stampede public threesome made it into the lyric sheets. Determined to keep the tracks coming, Found Dead and Knife are right back in the studio building out some new sounds they’re hoping to drop to put a point on the end of the summer season.

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