Employee of the Month – Dropout #official #video #rap

Employee of the Month – Dropout #official #video #rap

It’s official! The new Employee of the Month record is out online and ready to be streamed. To kick things off on the visual side, hip hop’s favorite middle manager has chosen Dropout to lead the charge.

The video finds Employee back in school, day dreaming out the window and slacking off. Complete with fireworks, a bouncy castle and cameo appearances by Durrt Dawg, Knife Beats and a bunch of other DEAFWISH mainstays, the summer vibe of this vid is sure to warm your ear holes.

Take a look…

If you like what you see / hear – give Employee a shout out on Twitter or drop your praise in the comments below. Otherwise, head over to the Official Employee of the Month site and listen to the new shi~.

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