Employee of the Month – Kind of Raw #listen #mixtape

Employee of the Month – Kind of Raw #listen #mixtape

The best rapper with a business certificate, Employee of the Month has returned from his long lunch break to release a new mixtape. Kind of Raw is a 10 song mash of middle management anthems, excellent observations and the odd sexy slow jam.

Produced by life-long collaborator, Knife Beats, this cut of Northcoast classics see the the Employee break out his sing voice a bit more over funk inspired beats. Listen and enjoy the overload of samples from the Steven Seagall classic Above the Law.

Employee doesn’t need your pesky pennies, this album is available at a “pay what you can” price over on Bandcamp so head over there and grab a copy. If you like what you hear or want to talk basketball, hit ’em up on Twitter.

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