Friday: 5 Bands to see at Pouzzafest

Friday: 5 Bands to see at Pouzzafest

It’s Pouzza Fest in Montreal this weekend and for those of you unfamiliar with the event, it’s a three day punk and rock festival held at various venues throughout downtown. Since punk and metal were my first, love, I was interested to see who they have lined up for tonight.

If you look at the schedule, there is a daunting number of bands to see. So, since I’m a spreadsheet assassin, I put together this listing of 90% of the acts and listened to a couple tracks from each. Of those, these 5 made it on my list to check out.

Let’s see what we got….

Cayetana – Phillidelphia, USA

Jangly, clever, female fronted basement rock.
8:00 PM @ Foufounes Electrique

The Ready’s – Newmarket, ON Canada

Punk that sounds like sniffing glue & fuckin’ around.
9:00 PM @ Bar L’exit

The Caufiled Cult – Singapore

Burnout rock’n’roll.
9:45 PM @ TRH BAR

Shake it Like a Caveman – Tennesee

10:45 PM @ Frite Alors

Barons – Pittsburgh

Fist pumping, melodic punk with that go to back beat.
11:45 @ Piranha

You can see the whole spreadsheet here if you’re interested. I’ll be blogging about the shows I attended over on LP Hoopla, who was kind enough to set me up with a press pass for the weekend. If you know a show that I need to go to, put it in the comments below.

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