How to Write a Pop Song. The Pop Song.

How to Write a Pop Song. The Pop Song.

The web is full of how-to articles (19.4 million to be exact) on the best way to write a pop song. Huffington Post weighs in with 3 tips like “write songs from dreams” and the omni-present Wikihow provides a word doc template from which you can craft your staircase to super stardom, but one pro-tip stands above them all…

It’s the pop song about how to write a pop song.

Pretty meta, eh?

This piece of pop mastery comes from the man behind Marianas Trench, who is supposedly a very popular band. When we looked into it, the awards in accolades were all of Canadian decent, but being a platinum seller in Canada is significantly more success than many artists every attain. So, tired of being asked “How do I write a hit pop song?!“, front-man Josh Ramsay decided to turn the formula on itself and create the perfect pop song / Youtube explainer video.

Give it a watch / listen & learn.

So simple. Just follow the steps. Harmony in thirds, rapper on the break down, chorus, chorus and a touch more chorus. Now go forth and do! These tunes aren’t gonna write themselves.

Need some more inspiration? Josh has a writing credit on this disco infused, Nickelback wishing they were Maroon 5 number called “She Keeps Me Up” that might help you realize that you could do better.

Got a songwriting tip, or a song you think is a hit? Drop us a link in the comments below.

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