#LISTEN: Chivas Brother – End Transmission

#LISTEN: Chivas Brother – End Transmission

Northcoast rap’s christ like figure, the Chivas Brother returns to the mic with a new track – End Transmission.

This one is slammed full of self-affirmation, letting any potential haters know that Chives is gonna continue to thrive.

This reclamation project’s a declaration statement. There’s no such thing as ‘made it’, just keep gaining ground and I’m so fucking finished with anything but winning.

The Brother has matured and is focusing in on his grind, with no time to spare for those who don’t share his vision.

I will devote zero percent of my energy to keeping your dreams afloat. Won’t play the victim, must maintain control. End of transmission. Over and out.

Like most Chivas Bro tracks, this one is produced by Knife Beats and has all the bass you need to get your week (and your subs) kickin’. Give it a listen, and let us know what you think in the comments below or shout out the Chivas Brother on Twitter.

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