Marilyn Manson – Cupid Carries a Gun #shock #rock

Marilyn Manson – Cupid Carries a Gun #shock #rock

Just a few days after his 46th Birthday, Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson has released a new track from his upcoming album entitled Cupid Carries a Gun.

Are you shocked?

You see how he used contrast there?

Snarky comments aside, it’s impressive that Manson is still churning out tunes 25 years after starting the Spooky Kids. However, I’m not really sure that his brand of goth rock holds a lot of water in 2015. His last album “The Born Villian” is estimated to have sold a couple hundred thousand albums world-wide, which I guess equates to still having a deal in this day and age.

Let’s give the new ish a listen…


I don’t hate it. It definitely sounds like Manson and it will most likely be washed away by the next song I listen to, never to be thought of again. It’s pretty clear that this music isn’t aimed at me. I was big Marilyn Manson fan for a couple years when I was teenager, then I grew out of it. I think most people do.

My guess that his career is staying afloat thanks to places like the American mid-west where you can still light a spark with the local pastor simply by wearing make-up and torn pantyhose.

Anyway. The new album is called the Pale Emperor. It’s coming out in a couple weeks and I probably won’t listen to it. Will you? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on the Twitter.


Summary: Marilyn Manson turns in a middle of the road shock rock track that fails to start an electrical fire.

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