Meet Bev & Bob, the Best Karaoke Couple on the Internet

Meet Bev & Bob, the Best Karaoke Couple on the Internet

One of the cornerstones of the DEAFWISH lifestyle is maintaining the ability to like what you like and not really giving a shit about what other people think about it. Music is something that can be listened to and loved by everyone, so if you’re happy making it or listening to it you’re winning.

Enter Bev & Bob. A karaoke couple from the American mid-west who just want to bring some light into the world through their covers of popular music.

From their youtube profile:

we are a happy married couple that loves to entertain & make others smile with our video music covers. Our music is our own style so please keep that in mind they will be different than the original & we are drug & alcohol free, & don’t want any drama, so we hope you enjoy & have fun watching us in our videos & if you watch close you will see some really funny stuff, we laugh at ourselves all the time & that’s what its all about, fun fun fun.

Now let’s get down to the music. B & B have hundreds of videos online so we selected a few to show you the depth and range of their skills.

“Blank Space” – Taylor Swift

Not unlike the original, Bev & Bob come through with their own castle and love story video. How Romantic.

“Fuck You” Cee Lo Green

This one kinda sums up their whole approach to singing. Fuck you. They’re having fun. This video also has some outstanding Tokyo drifting.

“The Right Stuff” – New Kids on the Block

Not just a slave to the modern music, Bev & Bob show they’ve been in the game for a while with this cover of a classic New Kids on the Block jam.

“No Sugar Tonight” – The Guess Who

Before he was the drunken terror that every Winnipegger has a story about, Burton Cummings wrote songs. Like this one, given the delicate treatment by Bob.

“The Beautiful People” – Marilyn Manson

Not one to back away from the heavy stuff, Bob takes a crack at a Marilyn Manson classic. While the timing might be spotty, the energy is there.

What do you think? Have a favorite Bev & Bob video? Share it in the comments below.

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