Orkestrated – Be Quiet #listen #minimal

Orkestrated – Be Quiet #listen #minimal

I like to occasionally check in with the Beatport charts and see what’s happening in bass filled world of off-radio electronic music. This track by self proclaimed Godfathers of the Melbourne sound Orkestrated caught my ear as it currently sits at number three on the Minimal charts. It’s called ‘Be Quiet‘, which I can only assume is an attempted to be ironical.

Give it a listen…

I’ll admit that in the writing of this post I went from liking this song, to thinking it kinda sucked, then back to liking it. That’s when I realized there are 2 key factors in getting down with this track.

#1 is volume.

When this was playing quietly on my laptop speakers I knew something was not right.

How had I thought this should make the playlist?

Then I remembered that I first heard it a lot louder with another key ingredient. That ingredient was #2 – bass .

I strapped on my Beats, cranked it up and there it was. I could feeeeeel it (wo)maaaaaaaan. I wanted to drink vodka and awkwardly flail around absorbed in the chest level bass waves. I wanted to do anything but be quiet. The only thing missing is the right room with the wrong people at 5 am and we’ve got a winner on our hands.

Thus, I marked it bit harshly on the ol’ DEAF THREAT. If this was the last song I ever heard, I probably wouldn’t remember it but it was good while it lasted.


Summary: Orkestrated drops the more than the minimal amount of dance grooves to warm up the cold months.

User Rating: 49% (2 votes).

Orkestrated – Be Quiet #listen #minimal 2.7 5 3

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