Prepare for the New Adele with These 6 Fan Cover Songs

Prepare for the New Adele with These 6 Fan Cover Songs

Divorcees, pride diva’s, forever alones and a bunch of their people lost their shit last week when British superstar Adele announced her new album entitled 25.

It’s true, the “fank you”  lady of three years ago is returning – so we thought we would help remind you who Adele is through the vast collection of fan covers of her songs available on YouTube.

Adele – Someone Like You via China

To kick this one off we’re going to go overseas, where the factories of Shenzhen have produced a goose bump raising clone that will shake the cheese outta yer crooked teeth.

Rolling in the Deep (but Metal!!!!)

Count on the midwest of America to bring you a metal version that only a tightly bound goatee could provide.

So heavy it can only be played on an acoustic guitar with a fuzz pedal.

So fucking heavy [brah!] that they let Jonathan Davis from Korn inspire of the vocals.

Anyone who thinks we defeated nu metal can use this clip as inspiration for why we need to raise $400,000 for smallpox blankets to be sent to the Ibanez AX 7  owners list.


Whoa… breathe deeply man… it’s just music.

We’ll lighten things up a little bit with the ever so cute…

Teenage couple rendition of Adele’s Daydream

All I can say is awwwwww… that’s cuter than kittens doing things for the first time.


We’ll roll the Adele sided die one more time annnd BOOM!

Russian Choir Does Skyfall

This unique rendition of Adele’s track from a James Bond movie – Skyfall – is being done by the Russian Army choir on what appears to be a morning chat show.

What this version lacks in raw vocal talent, it makes up for in its ability to break your knees, cut your testicles off and ram them down your throat in the battlefield.


Obligitory Child Singing Cover

No mix of celebrity cover songs would be complete without someones god damn kid doing a version of one.

This one comes courtesy of Connie Talbot, a (then) 11 year old who first made waves at age 9 when she was on one of those fucking singing shows.

Her version is OK, but her sound tech should be fucking fired.

There IS such thing as too much reverb.

Fuck you.


Don’t You Remember – Drum Cover

Now that you’re now well versed in the world of Adele, we will close down with everyone’s favorite type of cover – the drum cover.

After searching through the tube for the good shi~, we settled on this one by Isreali drummer Omri Yossef for three reasons:

1 – He’s using electric drums. That’s fucking awesome. You know who else uses electronic drums and is fucking awesome: Def Leppard

2 – He nails the fills

3 – It came up in the first 10 results

So there it is in all its glory for people who aren’t drummers to totally enjoy having the drum tracks way louder than everything else as is tradition.

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